More about us

Permitz was initially set up specifically to assist companies wanting to run competitions and to obtain competition permits.  This focus on such a niche area has allowed us to develop expertise exceeding many of our competitors, who struggle to stay up to date with regulatory changes and policy updates.

We have set about seeking to differentiate ourselves on the following basis:

1. We aim to share knowledge and help our clients achieve their objectives. 

We don’t charge to assist in the design and development of a competition or to research when a permit or licence is required. This may typically involve a discussion about when competition permits are required and about potential entry mechanics and suitable prizes.

As you can see from our postings online, we are happy to share what we know, and for no cost. See our articles on competition permit basics for more info on when a competition permit is required and the best practices when designing a competition.

Some of the more common questions we are asked are to do with timing (click on the link for further info), cost of competition permits, and when competition permits are required.

2. We have a fun and flexible workplace which is focused on enjoying work.

We have done away with unnecessary meetings, reports which nobody reads, policies which are not flexible and actively understood or creating paperwork for the sake of creating paperwork. Indeed, with staff having government, commercial and small business experience, we relish in not doing ‘business’ the way that some of our former employers did.

We are simply focused on doing work when we need to do it and on doing it professionally. This translates into flexible working hours, and locations, ensuring that employees are engaged and actively learning. We discuss work in environments we enjoy, not around a board table. This translates effectively into a company whose employees are responsive and focused on our client’s needs.

3. We care about our environment and our community. 

A company does not operate in isolation of its environment or the community from which it both draws its energy and finds its existence.

From using solar energy, to providing discounted or free work  for non-profit organisations, our small contribution or reduced negative impact is an important part of our culture and how we see ourselves.

If you visit our office you will notice the natural light, the plants and the distinctive lack of paper. Whilst the dream of a ‘paperless office’ has not come about for many companies, for us paper files are a thing of the past. We have also committed to giving back, this year it will be 5% of profit to charities of our choice.

4. Enjoyment in work is from the work we do and in interacting with our clients. 

We are privileged to work with some very interesting individuals and brands. From hotels, airlines, electronic giants, to authors of children’s books. we have had a great run. Whilst we look after the more tedious aspects, i.e. competition permits, we are luck to work with interesting and experienced people who know their craft whether marketing or legal so well.