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Competition permit costs set to rise 1 July 2014

Each year competition permit costs increase as each trade promotion lottery department/ authority increases the fees payable to obtain a competition permit. The cost of a competition permit will depend on the total prize pool being given away.

If you are planning to run competition which requires a competition or trade promotion permit in the first or second quarters of 2014/2015, now is the time to apply for competition permits. By submitting applications before the end of the financial year, organisations can avoid the increased competition permit application fees.

Competition permits

Competition permits are generally required for chance-based competitions. Permits would be required from NSW and the ACT if your prize pool is at or under $5,000 and from SA and VIC if your prize pool is over $5,000 or is an instant win competition.

There are a range of permit conditions which must be adhered to as set out in the permits themselves. These include the requirements to hold all entries and records of winners for a three years. This also, obviously, includes the requirement to conduct the competition in accordance with the terms and conditions and to ensure all entries have an equal chance of winning.

Any changes to the terms and conditions or structure of the competition once permits have been approved must be approved by way of a formal amendment approval from the lottery departments.

Permitz Group are able to assist with both skill and chance based competitions. We can draft terms and conditions, apply for permits on your behalf and send you the final terms with minimums for use in advertising. We can also then conduct a draw if you would like us to do so and arrange for the notification of the winners/ publication in a newspaper.