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Trade promotion permit costs

Whether you are looking at running a simple online or facebook competition, or something a little more complex, perhaps involving Premium SMS or voting- Permitz can help. Permitz have translated complexity, found in the trade promotion permit conditions and state guidelines, into a simple and easy to follow process.

Competition permits are required for chance-based competitions that are run nationally. Each state has a different set of requirements, that makes it difficult to ensure you comply. There is a push by a number of business groups, including the NSW Business Chamber, to reduce the regulatory burden. We can assist businesses right now by translating the complex requirements into simple to follow instructions. We can take care of the competition permit application process and obtain competition permits quickly and without hassle.

We have developed nationally compliant terms and conditions, that have been reviewed by a number of leading law firms and in-house legal teams as well as the trade promotion permit lottery departments.

A risk when apply for trade promotion permits is the need to lodge amendments to make changes to terms and conditions already approved by other states. If an amendment is required as a result of an oversight on our behalf, we pay the fee and don’t charge you extra. This ensures we get it right, the first time!

If you are looking for a quick and obligation free quote, including permit costs, complete our quote form. There is no obligation to proceed to use our services, so if you are just after the costs, complete our quote form for a quote to be delivered instantly to your email inbox.

We offer Premium SMS set up and revenue share that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

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Premium SMS competitions- earn revenue from entries

Premium SMS is one way to raise some revenue from your next competition. For each entry that you receive you will get a proportion of the revenue received by the telcos. Revenue can be used to off-set or exceed the cost of the permits and prizes. Revenue could also be donated to a charity of your choice.

Premium SMS is often used in national voting competitions including those on national TV networks. There are specific requirements about how you advertise a Premium SMS competition, which Permitz can help you with. Entry to a premium SMS competition cannot exceed 55 cents.

The success of your competition will depend on a number of factors. Premium SMS can be used as the sole entry mechanic or in combination with others. We can provide you with code to be embedded on your website or Facebook entry page so that all entries are collated in one list. We can then also conduct a competition draw.

Permitz are able to provide you with a low cost Premium SMS number, manage the back- end and send you a cheque for revenue realised from the promotion at the conclusion. Permitz are able to offer one of the most competitive rates available (probably the most competitive) for setting up a Premium SMS competition. If you are interested contact us today using the form below.

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