Common errors to avoid when applying for a competition permit

The StateĀ gaming regulators review thousands of applications for competition permits each year. A significant amount of rework is required when errors are picked up by each State. In some cases you may be issued a permit in three of the four states and then need to lodge amendments in the first three, at additional expense.

Here are some of the most common errors:

1. Failing to include mechanisms for unclaimed prizes. Usually you will need to allow three months for prizes to be claimed. If they are not claimed, then conduct an unclaimed prize draw.

2. Not including dates and times for the competition open, close, draw and notification periods. It is important to note all of these dates and also to sick with your terms and conditions. There is always the chance that the lottery departments will actually attend your draw so you need to ensure that your entries are in order and that you conduct the competition draw on the time and at the place specified in your terms and conditions.

3. Not providing sufficient detail on the prizes to be awarded. For example, each component of the prize should be valued (based on RRP), if accommodation is a part of a prize then you should state the type of hotel or star rating plus the number of nights.

4. Excluding mandatory costs such as taxes on flights from a prize. You cannot require a winner to pay to take a prize. All mandatory costs need to be included in the competition prize.

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