Competition permits in NSW

A competition permit is required from NSW for any chance-based competition, i.e. no matter the total value of all prizes in the competition. Thankfully, it is reasonably easy to obtain a competition permit in NSW.

NSW have many of the same requirements that are present in other states in relation to chance-based competitions. These include the requirement to hold an unclaimed prize draw if the initial winners cannot be contacted after 3 months and the requirement to hold trade promotion permits which need to be displayed on all advertising.

NSW are much quicker than any other state in issuing trade promotion permits and the fees are, generally, cheaper. The cost of a permit for a competition with a prize pool of under $10,000 is $80.32. The department are helpful with the process.

To obtain competition permits from NSW it is important to ensure that your competition complies with the various requirements. Permitz can assist in reviewing or drafting terms to ensure compliance and quick issue of a competition permit.