How to set up a competition

By Connor James

The very first step in setting up a competition is to consider your objectives and the competition design. We discuss objectives and design further here.

Common reasons for conducting a competition include:

  1. To encourage loyalty;
  2. To increase sales of goods or services;
  3. To incentivise sales staff;
  4. To launch a new product or service; or
  5. To gain insights into customers.

Once you have decided to run a competition you will need to work out if you are going to run a skill or a chance-based competition. A skill-based competition is one in which the winners are determined on the basis of the skill shown in their submission and the winners are judged by qualified people.

A chance-based competition is one in which there is an element of chance in determining the winners. Competition permits are typically required for a chance-based competition. Click here for more information on when you will need competition permits.

There are a number of requirements which you will need to consider, all of which Permitz Group can manage on your behalf.

Thebelow diagram shows the basic steps involved in setting up a competition.