More about what we do

Competitions, Trade Promotions and permits are our business. If you are looking for competition terms, someone to set up a Premium SMS competition, obtain all required competition permits or conduct a draw- you have come to the right people.

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We are well respected for our knowledge of competitions and competition permit requirements. If you need someone to assist you to navigate through the process, someone you can rely on to do it right the first time then contact us today.

Some of the benefits of our service are:

1) We are experienced

Our staff have applied for literally hundreds of competition permits. We have a very good relationship with the state gaming agencies and a very good understanding of the requirements and latest trade promotion/ competitions regulations. Rather than navigate through this process, you can rely on us to do it for you.

2) We ensure that we obtain the permits you need

We will only charge you our fee if we actually deliver and provide you with a complete set of terms and conditions with the permits you require. We do not pass on amendment fees if competition terms and conditions need to be amended to obtain permits and the amendment was required as a result of our error.

3) We save you time

Permitz Group can be relied on to draft terms and apply for a competition permit in each state. We will take the hassle and uncertainly and guarantee that we will obtain the competition permit from each state required for your competition. Permitz Group reduces the risk of applying for a competition permit yourself. We are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and have applied for many hundreds of competition permits.

Permitz Group can set up your competition and apply for competition permits on your behalf. We can take care of the difficult and time consuming tasks of setting up Australian online competitions & SMS/ IVR Australian competitions, to let you focus on what you do best.

We work with both skill and chance based competitions. We have worked for a large range of clients including small local businesses and large multinational corporations. You are likely to see competitions every day you go to the shops, stay at a hotel, purchase goods online. Chances are you have seen competitions for which we have obtained permits. Let us get the permits you require today.