Successful promotions: various factors at play

In our last post we spoke about the importance of ensuring that the prize on offer in a competition is in proportion to the steps someone needs to take to enter, i.e. looking at a consumer promotion as a trade between the consumer and brand.

Whilst we believe this to be an important factor, there are many other significant factors influencing the success of some competitions over others. We have spoken to an academic in this field who will be bringing this topic into focus with his work. In the meantime we wanted to discuss some of the factors with relevance as we see them. Running a successful competition may be part art and part science. Indeed, the copy, the artwork itself and the way the competition is communicated are important. Here are some other factors:

Competition effectiveness imageAdvertising is one of the most important aspects of competition marketing. Ensuring that people, and more importantly the right people, hear and know about the competition.

As discussed in our last post, the complexity of entry should also be considered. If a competition has a number of steps to be followed, it may also turn time poor people away.

Whilst the above is by no means comprehensive or definitive it does bring to mind the question: “is there a formula for success?’ If you have had experience with either successful competitions or a competition that did not meet your objectives we would love to hear what you think you did right or could have done better.