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Blanket Competition Permits

A blanket competition permit can be a good alternative to applying for individual competition permits for each promotion you run.  A blanket competition permit can offer significant cost and time savings if your organisation runs a number of competitions each year.

If you are looking at running a number of competitions over 12 months and:

a. Cap the value of each prize at $1,000 or less;

b. Give away less than $100,000 over the life of the blanket;

c. Give away less than $5,000 in each draw; and

d. Are able to keep records of each prize given away, the winners details and the promotion details.

Then a blanket permit may be the answer.

You can obtain a blanket competition permit from New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. In NSW you can obtain either a Class B or a Class C blanket (different rules apply to each).

The two main benefits of having a blanket permit are that it can be cheaper to obtain a blanket than to obtain individual competition permits for each competition you run and that, once you have the blanket permit, you can set up a competition very quickly. Once you have a blanket competition permit you are able to use that permit number in each competition you run (provided that the competition complies with the requirements of that permit).

If you are running a number of smaller competitions, want flexibility in the competitions you run and see value in a blanket permit give us a call and we can obtain a permit on your behalf.