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Competition Permits Experts, Special Offer

During the months of Jan and Feb 2016, we will be offering Free Electronic Draws for new competitions which are sent to us (for which we apply for permits).

There is a great degree of variation in the cost of setting up an electronic draw. Some providers are asking for as much as $249 per draw!

Our Service comes with the following Benefits:

  • The work we do is Fully Insured, don’t trust an uninsured provider;
  • We offer a Fixed fee, that includes drafting terms and conducting a draw;
  • We will refund our fee in Full if we don’t obtain permits;
  • We offer credit terms to approved customers and accept purchase orders; and
  • You can Call Us as many times as we like for no- cost;
  • We have a second-to-none understanding of competitions and the need for a competition permit; and
  • We are Trusted by Australia’s Leading Brands and have Consistently positive Feedback

All of our draws are conducted using an approved electronic draw system and are overseen by a Solicitor! Any draw which has a prize pool of up to $20k is eligible, as we are authorised to oversee these.

Our computerised system has been reviewed by the lottery departments and is approved.

To take advantage of this offer, simply submit a quote request! There will be no fee for the electronic draw, simply email us the list of entries and get the winner sent back to you.

Our fee, to draft terms and conditions and apply for permits starts from $220 and will ensure that your competition is compliant with the relevant trade promotion permits. We work with a large range of clients from Kia, Hilton Hotels, National Geographic and more.

If you would like more info on the requirements relating to competitions please get in touch. Competitions are able to be conducted by a business seeking to promote their brand or service. Entry into such a competition must be free (although entry can be conditional on purchasing a product or service). Please note that we cannot help if you planning to charge a fee to enter your competition.

Permitz Group can be relied upon to draft compliant terms and conditions and apply for all required competition permits.

We also offer a FREE initial consultation and will confirm over the phone if permits are required for your competition.

For examples of promotions in which we have been responsible for terms/ permits, see the videos below.

A unique way to award prizes..

Wouldn’t mind this prize myself..


We look forward to working with you in 2016!