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When do you need a competition permit?

Competition permits are usually required for chance-based competitions. As a result of the different regulations in each State, it can be difficult to work out when a permit is required and how a permit may be obtained. The below sets out when a permit is required in each state.

Game of Skill vs Game of Chance

A competition permit will never be required for a game of skill. To be classified as a game of skill, the competition cannot have any element of chance i.e. competition draw involved in the determination of winners. Examples of games of skill include those asking entrants a question with answers then judged on the basis of merit and photo or video submission competitions.

A mixed game of skill/ game of chance would be considered a game of chance.

The below summary relates solely to games of chance.


A competition permit will be required regardless of your prize pool. NSW are the cheapest and quickest State, so you can set up a competition in NSW with ease, provided that your terms and conditions comply with the various requirements.

NSW require an independent (or approved non-independent) scrutineer of draws over $10k in value.


A competition permit will be required regardless of your prize pool if your competition is instant-win.

Otherwise, i.e. if you are simply drawing your winners, you will only need a competition permit from SA if your prize pool is over $5,000. Allow significant time for SA to issue a competition permit if required.

A particular requirement of note in SA is that you must use approved software if you are drawing your competition winners electronically.

SA require an independent scrutineer of draws over $20k in value.


ACT changed their laws in November last year. You will now only need an ACT permit if your prize pool is over $3,000. There are some exceptions to the need for permits but if you plan to promote your competition on social media, or in print or TV, these will not apply.


If your prize pool is over $5,000, however a permit is never required if you have a permit from another state. i.e. if you run a national competition and obtain a permit from


All competitions must comply with the permit conditions found on the regulator’s website, but there is no need to apply for a permit here.


No need for a competition permit in either VIC or TAS.


No need for a permit here. As in SA, you use approved software if you are drawing your competition winners electronically.

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Permits needed for skill-based competitions

A common question is whether permits are needed for skill-based competitions. The simple answer is no.

When determining whether or not a competition is based on skill it is important to consider if there are any elements of chance involved in the determination of winners.

Chance-based competitions include:

1) Competitions where winners are drawn;
2) Competitions where winners are determined instant (and determined randomly);
3) Scratch and Win type competitions; and
4) Competitions where the prize is dependent on the number of entries or any other factor outside of the control of entrants.

There are some competitions which include elements of skill and chance. These competitions will still need permits. For example, in the first round of a competition entrants must answer a question which is then judged, in the final round a winner is drawn- this is a chance-based competition.

Any competition that is chance-based requires permits (from at least NSW if conducted on a national basis).

Voting competitions do not require permits so long as there are no elements of chance involved. i.e. if you conduct a voting competition, how will you determine the winner if two or more entrants have the same number of votes? If you conduct a draw, then permits would be required.